Organic Seed Garlic

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$250 total order - 10% off enter code: 10PERCENT

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Not only for your ears but your eyes and mouth too.
A luscious, robust grower with 4-5 large cloves per bulb.
This garlic boosts a bold flavor with snow white skin and a kiss of pink.
Easy to peel and a long shelf life when cured and stored properly.

Price per Bulb

  • Colossal: 4 bulbs/lb
  • X-Large: 4-6 bulbs/lb
  • Large: 6-8 bulbs/lb
  • Medium: 9-11 bulbs/lb
  • Small: 11-14 bulbs/lb
  • X-Small: 14-16 bulbs/lb

If you live in the Nelson area please email us at for delivery options.

Volume discounts available! Contact us directly for volumes in excess of those available on this site.

Keep checking this site as more will become available as we get closer to harvest!


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